Family Math Resources: Prepping for the New Year

I am so excited to share my new plans for keeping my students- and families- informed about our math curriculum!

I hear from so many parents that they aren't used to the way Common Core strategies are used to teach math, and how they don't want to teach their child the wrong method at home.  

My solution?

Family Math Resource Folders!  

I decided to laminate manila folders with a quick note explaining what the folder will contain.  I then cut open the envelope again and then used velcro squares to make sealing easy!

Each unit, I will switch out the resources so that students will have math resources at home throughout the duration of that focus.  

I wanted to explain to families how they will use this resource:

* Mini Anchor charts to explain new concepts
*Graphic Organizers that tie to content
* Family Math Games to go along with the unit

Next, I looked back over my first unit for math- place value!  I compiled a list of concepts we will cover in Unit One, and what supplies I thought families might need at their fingertips.  I organized these details into two sheets and placed them in page protectors.  Here they are below: 

Finally, I started to gather my resources.  Our first math unit covers both place value and multiplication, so I split both concepts into separate mini anchor charts.  These anchor charts review vocabulary, step-by-step problem-solving guidance, graphic organizers, and word problem strategies. They're the perfect, portable size to fit into these envelopes!  Since we don't have a text book, I decided to create these charts so my students and their families have a resource to refer to.

Check them out at my TpT store!

Place Value Mini Anchor Charts

Multiplication Mini Anchor Charts

I also have other charts available for later units!

After compiling these anchor charts, I created a page with instructions for Unit One's family math games, and printed out the graphic organizers (a place value chart), and the games that went along with our unit, and I was ready to go!

Star Wars Place Value Chart- Free!
Star Wars Rounding Game- Free! 

If you are interested in receiving copies of the parent letters, descriptions, and math game resources, feel free to email me so that I can send you an editable file!

I am ecstatic to involve my students and their families in what we are learning in class!  

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