Setting Up a Community-Based Classroom

Happy Happy Summer!

It's only been two weeks into summer vacation but I'm off to PD's and lesson planning!  I've been reflecting on what went will my first year in a multiage pilot classroom and one of my favorite things was how my partner and I worked to build community.

But how did I start?  With my classroom layout!
I used tables as my classroom seats and purchased shoe racks and dollar store baskets to make my students' cubbies.  This not only kept our classroom [fairly] clutter-free, but it also helped my students learn to transition between subject areas quickly.  They were quickly in a routine of getting up, heading to their basket, and picking up/dropping off supplies.  This got their minds ready for the next subject area and helped to add some movement into our day.  I would never go back!
One of my favorite changes in our curriculum this year was a jump into Guided Math.  This was the sure-fire way to differentiate, engage, and reflect on how each student was doing in acquiring the knowledge and skills needed in fourth and fifth grade math.  In the first weeks of school, we spent a lot of time learning how Guided Math is structured and what each station looks and feels like.  It was well worth the pay off and my students grew significantly throughout the year.  Best of all: they LOVED math block! I can't wait to use this blog to explain how my Multiagers and I are continuing to engage in meaningful, community-based learning!  

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